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Why to Avoid Wooden Garage Cabinets

Why to Avoid Wooden Garage Cabinets

September 16, 2012

If you currently have wooden cabinets in your garage, you should consider making some upgrades. Wooden cabinets are designed for the protected environment of your house, not your garage. You already know that your garage’s temperature is not as regulated as that of your house. In the summer it can quickly become a sweatbox and in the winter it tends to stay cold. When it rains, you can feel the dampness in the air inside your garage. This is because it is not as protected from moisture. Garages tend to be prone to moisture which can have serious effects on your wooden cabinets. Wooden cabinets are more likely to rot and deteriorate over time, if they are installed in the damp surroundings of your garage. Even if your garage is well insulated and you do your best to regulate the temperature, it is just not the same environment as your home. Before you know it, you will be replacing those wooden cabinets. Instead of wasting money time and time again, install aluminum garage cabinets. Moduline aluminum cabinets are made to withstand the temperature fluctuations, as well as the moisture. Avoid the headache of rotting cabinets, tomorrow, by ordering your all aluminum garage storage cabinets, today.

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Moduline Cabinets provides military-grade aluminum cabinet solutions for car enthusiasts and professionals for over 30 years. Our designer appearance enhances garages and shops, and our cabinets stand up against the daily rigors of any environment.

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