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Moduline Cabinets Lightweight Aluminum Enclosed Trailer Cabinets

ProII SERIES: Our Flagship Mobile Aluminum Cabinet System

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Moduline’s modular PROII™ SERIES military-grade aluminum mobile cabinets and tool boxes represent your best option for a cabinet system to meet the unique needs of any mobile application. Our flagship PROII™ SERIES aluminum trailer and vehicle cabinet line pretty much started it all. Our cabinets come with a lifetime guarantee, professional quality, and a designer appearance that set the standard. Our lightweight, military-grade aluminum trailer cabinets leverage the beauty of metal to deliver cabinets that are like no others. Fully versatile and customizable, our precision and craftsmanship is embodied in every aspect of these mobile storage cabinets. From engineered closets and drawer units to lightweight trailer wall cabinets and mobile tool boxes. You can mix and match between our offerings to fit your personality and needs for organization. Our military-grade aluminum cabinets are made for any vehicle application, including enclosed trailers, V-nose trailers, military and government vehicles, race trailers, and any other mobile design. We help with your layout. Plus, our patented QuikDraw® technology lets you open and securely close the drawers with ease.

Sportsman II SERIES: Mobile Aluminum Cabinets – High Value Without Compromise

Moduline Cabinets SportsmanII Aluminum Modular CabinetsNot everyone has the need or budget for a professional series cabinet system for their trailer or vehicle and that’s why Moduline has redesigned the all new SPORTSMAN II™ SERIES military-grade aluminum lightweight cabinets. Incorporating many of the key elements from our PROII™ SERIES and packaging them in a value focused system, more people can now enjoy the quality of the Moduline Cabinets brand. With features like our patented QuikDraw® technology, lift-up doors, adjustable shelf system and sleek gray colored frames to offset the main color, these military-grade aluminum lightweight cabinets are made to be mobile. We even have V-Nose conversion kits for trailers. With minimum assembly required, allowing for easy shipping and all assembly hardware included. Our SPORTSMAN II™ SERIES of military-grade aluminum cabinets make it as easy as buy, ship, build, install, DONE!

Lightweight Aluminum Cabinets For Any Mobile Application

Moduline Aluminum Cabinets have the best solution available for any of your enclosed trailer or specialty vehicle storage and organizational needs. Whether it’s the PROII™ SERIES or the SPORTSMAN II™ SERIES, we will help you design and create the perfect mobile cabinet system layout. A properly designed cabinet layout will meet your demands on the road with workflow efficiency, simplicity, and organization. Call us today for a complimentary design consultation at 888-343-4463 and get started today!