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Toe Kick or no Toe Kick? That is the question

Toe Kick or no Toe Kick? That is the question

September 8, 2012

The toe kick is a simple concept but so many people never consider this when purchasing storage or tool cabinets. To me, it seems obvious enough, but I guess it isn’t to others so that’s the reason for this blog post. Let’s think about this. Those who have looked at, purchased, or are going to purchase cabinets have probably seen many different types and brands out there. On the base cabinets, I bet most are familiar with the four leg support style and more are becoming familiar with the hanging on slat wall style, too. OK, simple. That’s what’s out there. Here is a question: In what area of the home do you typically see the most cabinets? You’re right, it’s the kitchen. Now go into your kitchen and look at all your base cabinets. How many are just hanging on the wall so you can see under them? How many of them are being supported by legs? I am willing to bet that 99 out of 100 of you don’t see either of these styles. Now ask yourself, “Why?” Would you really want to constantly clean under there? Would you want to be on your hands and knees reaching under should something fall off the counter and roll underneath? If you answered “No,” then ask yourself why your garage or shop is any different. It isn’t. We at Moduline know this not just because we are cabinet makers with a better concept, but because we are racers that have garages and a professional work shop, too. We know from experience. The toe kicks, just like the legs, are how you level the base cabinets. Each corner of the cabinet is fastened to the toe kick with a screw and shims are provided to level the cabinets. You simply raise the cabinet in the area needed for leveling. Slide the provided shim in-between the toe kick and base cabinet frame. The toe kick stays flush to your floor and any gap is hidden under the cabinet as the toe kicks are recessed two inches back from the cabinet face. It looks cleaner and more professional, provides support around the entire perimeter of the cabinet, hides the undersides of the cabinets, and restricts anything from getting under them, making cleaning much easier. The leg supports are almost an industry standard because they are cheap. The slat wall hanging style is actually more expensive and wasteful. You have to buy slat wall and much of it is unusable as it is hidden behind the cabinets. The Moduline toe kick riser is cost effective, smart, and is just another reason why Moduline is a leader and America’s premier aluminum cabinet system.

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