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Select™ Series

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Free Shipping to the 48 contiguous Unites States for a limited time, on Select Series pre-configured cabinet combinations.

Our mid-tier cabinet series with features for home garages and other light-duty applications.

Select™ Series Applications

  • Home Garages

Select™ Series Key Features

  • QuikDraw® Patented Single-Action Latch System

    • Drawers stay securely closed without locks.
    • Lift anywhere along the handle with just a finger to unlatch.
    • Whisper-quiet operation.
    • Mechanism doesn’t sacrifice any drawer space.
  • Stainless Steel Countertop

    • Stainless Steel—.075” thick, solid stainless steel with #4 polished finish.
    • Integral backsplash.
    • Seamless up to 8 feet long.
  • Double-Wall Door Construction

    • Moduline doors have a back panel which keeps them rigid.
    • Doors won’t shake or rattle when opening.
    • Doors feel sturdy without being heavy.
    • Strong, convenient magnetic closure.
  • Lift-up Doors with Gas Spring

    • Keeps door up and out of the way.
    • Gas spring stay for hands-free operation.
  • Easy-Leveling Toe Kick Riser

    • Adjustable to compensate for uneven floors and walls.
    • The extra space for your feet makes it more comfortable to stand and work at your counter.
    • Continuous contact with the floor creates a neat appearance.
    • Shims are inserted out of sight, between the toe kick and cabinet.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Modular Cabinet System

Standard Colors

Actual Colors May Vary From Website

  • Signature Black
  • Red

Select™ Base Cabinets

  • Toe Kick Riser™
  • Soft-Close Hinge
  • Magnetic Latch
  • Adjustable Shelves

Select™ Built-In Toolboxes

  • QuikDraw® Latch System
  • Toe Kick Riser™

Select™ Rolling Toolboxes

  • QuikDraw® Latch System
  • 3” Casters with Lock

Select™ Closets

  • Toe Kick Riser™
  • Soft-Close Hinge
  • Magnetic Latch
  • Adjustable Shelves

Select™ Wall Cabinets

  • Light Shields
  • Lift-up Doors with Gas Spring
  • Soft-Close Hinge

Select™ Countertops

  • #4 Polished Stainless Steel
  • Integral Backsplash
  • Seamless up to 8 feet long.

Select™ Instant Walls

  • Modular Wall Panels
  • Easy Assembly
  • No Need To Find Studs

Optional Accessories

  • LED Lighting

    • LED lights are efficient and economical.
    • LED lights stay cool to the touch.
    • Easy to install beneath overhead cabinets.
    • Made by International Light Technologies.
  • Power Grid™

    • Convenient electrical, air and USB access.
    • Plugs and air fittings are always in reach but never in the way.
    • Brushed stainless steel finish looks great with any countertop.
    • Easy to install and make external connections.
  • Workbench Mat

    • Protect your countertop, tools and parts.
    • Shock absorbent.
    • Resists oil, grease and many common chemicals.
    • Diamond tread pattern prevents slippage.
  • Extreme Drawer Liner™

    • Solid, non-slip, PVC-coated polyester. Not mesh.
    • Prevents tools from sliding around in drawers.
    • Cushion fragile items.
    • Works with all drawers and shelves.
  • Aluminum Drawer Dividers

    • Organize tools, parts and hardware.
    • 6 separators per drawer that can be rearranged for parts of any size.
    • Additional separators can be ordered for even more customization.
    • Available with all drawers.
  • Plastic Drawer Bins

    • Organize small parts and hardware.
    • Bins can be rearranged however you like.
    • Made of high impact polystyrene (HIPS).
    • Assortments are available for small, medium or large parts.
  • Extra Adjustable Shelves

    • Easy to install and adjust the height in 2-1/4” increments.
    • CAD and CNC precision ensure that shelves fit perfectly.
    • Made from military-grade aluminum.
    • One adjustable shelf included with every base cabinet.

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