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SportsmanII SERIES Trailer & Vehicle Cabinets

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Mix and match our Sportsman II™ military-grade aluminum cabinets to fit any trailer or vehicle. Built with precision in the USA, our Sportsman II™ cabinets are made with military-grade aluminum to prevent from overloading your vehicle. They also help you meet organizational and storage demands on the road.

Our Sportsman II™ cabinets include base and closet cabinets, built-in toolboxes and countertops. The Sportsman II™ cabinets are an affordable option and come with some key features of the PROII™ Series, including our patented QuikDraw® one-touch latch system, lift-up doors, and adjustable shelving. We also guarantee our superior craftsmanship with a lifetime guarantee.

Use Moduline Cabinets’ Sportsman II™ Series In:

  • Trailers
  • Specialty Vehicles
  • Containers

With mix-and-match options, we can custom design a workable solution for your van, work or utility truck, and enclosed trailer. Get the most from your vehicle and make productivity easy with Moduline’s Sportsman II™ high quality, durable cabinet selection. Choose from the options we have online to get started!

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