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ProII™ SERIES Garage & Shop Cabinet Combinations

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The PROII™ Series of Moduline Cabinets are a high-quality line of our military-grade aluminum cabinets that include all the features needed for organization in your garage, workshop, plane hangar, auto dealership, or any other location.

Our PROII™ Series of cabinet combinations include pre-configured layouts based on popular uses in garage, shop, and other storage locations.

Our Military-Grade Cabinets are Used in the Following Applications:

  • Custom Garages
  • Commercial Shops
  • Custom Designs
  • OEM
  • Military
  • Government

Our PROII™ Series offers professional custom cabinets with features that are specifically designed for function and accessibility in a high-use environment. Our PROII™ Series of premium military-grade aluminum cabinets features include our QuikDraw® patented single-action latch system that provides whisper-quiet operation to open and close drawers. A variety of our combinations include base cabinets, QuikDraw® drawers and mobile toolboxes, closets, and wall cabinets. We also offer a variety of colors to choose from. Browse our PROII™ Series of professional storage cabinets.



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