Aluminum Cabinets

Garage & Shop Cabinets

Moduline Cabinets manufactures military-grade aluminum cabinets used for many applications, including residential garages, auto dealerships, workshops, and airplane hangars.

Our garage and shop cabinet lines include the PROII™ and Select™ Series. Our cabinets are used in a variety of applications and industries, including:

  • Custom Garages
  • Commercial Shops
  • Custom Designs
  • OEM
  • Military
  • Government

The PROII™ offers professional grade, fully customizable cabinets to fit any space. The features of our PROII™ Series cabinets are specifically designed for strength and to maximize space and organization for productivity in your garage or workshop environment. The PROII™ Series includes our patented QuikDraw® technology that gives you open and close one-touch ease for drawers. Our PROII™ Series cabinets include a wide variety of cabinets including closets, drawer units, wall cabinets, and mobile toolboxes to name a few. To customize a layout that meets your needs, browse our top-of-the-line PROII™ Series cabinets.

Our Select™ Series is an affordable aluminum cabinet system, perfect for storage and organization with premade layouts for the home garage. The Select™ Series includes must-have storage system features from our PROII™ Series, including the QuikDraw ® patented single-action latch system.  Products include base and wall cabinets, built-in and rolling toolboxes, closets and instant walls. Browse our pre-configured Select™ Series cabinet combinations or our individual choice options.

If you have questions or need help choosing the right cabinet combinations for your space, call us today for a complimentary design consultation at 888-343-4463!

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