Aluminum Cabinets

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ProII™ Series

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Our flagship. Professional-grade, customizable cabinets, made from military-grade aluminum, serving multiple applications and industries.

Custom Garages

Commercial Shops


Fire & Rescue Services

ProII™ Series Applications

  • Custom Garage

  • Commercial Shops

  • Motorsports

  • Military & GSA

  • Manufacturing

  • Customs & OEM

Technical Lab

ProII™ Series Key Features

  • Free Design Service

    Let one of our cabinet experts guide you through the entire process. We take the time to learn about how you’ll use the space and provide technical CAD drawings to ensure you get a cabinet layout that perfectly meets your needs.

  • Completely Customizable

    “Off the shelf” isn’t right for everyone because everyone’s space and needs are different. We make it easy to take a pre-configured combination and swap cabinets around to make it yours. Does your project call for special sizes or have specific requirements? We’re happy to make modifications for you.

    We also design new, custom cabinets and toolboxes for GSA, OEM applications and more! Check out our Customs Photo Gallery!

  • QuikDraw® Latch System

    Our patented latch system keeps drawers securely closed without the need for a key lock, yet amazingly simple to open with one finger anywhere along the handle. QuikDraw® is whisper quiet and engineered to allow for maximum drawer capacity.

  • Military-Grade Aluminum

    Aluminum has a higher strength to weight ratio than steel. Add to that the fact that aluminum doesn’t rot, mold or mildew and you’ve got the perfect material for your cabinets and toolboxes.

  • Countertop Options

    Choose the top that is right for you. We do not use laminates but offer solid 075” stainless, solid aluminum or custom-made 1-3/4” maple butcher block. Tops can be seamless up to 11 feet and metal tops have an integrated backsplash for the perfect finished look.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Cabinets are warrantied to the original owner against defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Click here for further details.

Modular Cabinet System

Standard Colors

Actual Colors May Vary From Website

  • Signature Black
  • Moduline Blue
  • Red
  • Royal Blue
  • Light Grey
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Custom Colors Available Upon Request

ProII™ Base Cabinets

Military & GSA

  • Toe Kick Riser™
  • Trigger Latch
  • Continuous Hinge
  • Adjustable Shelves

ProII™ Single Drawer Base Cabinets

OEM Workstations

  • QuikDraw® Latch System
  • Toe Kick Riser™
  • Trigger Latch
  • Continuous Hinge
  • Adjustable Shelves

ProII™ Built-In Toolboxes

QuikDraw® Latch System

  • QuikDraw® Latch System
  • Toe Kick Riser™
  • Military-Grade Aluminum
  • Heavy-Duty, Ball Bearing Slides

ProII™ Specialty Cabinets

Small Parts Organization

  • Parts Bin
  • Deep Drawer & File Cabinet
  • Recycle Bin
  • QuikDraw® Latch System
  • Toe Kick Riser™

ProII™ Rolling Toolboxes

Repair Bays

  • QuikDraw® Latch System
  • 5” Heavy-Duty Locking Casters


ProII™ Closets

Home Storage

  • Toe Kick Riser™
  • Trigger Latch
  • Continuous Hinge
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Optional Double Doors

ProII™ Wall Cabinets

Health Facilities

  • Trigger Latch
  • Continuous Hinge
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Optional Lift-Up Doors


ProII™ Shelf System

Office Desk

  • Military-Grade Aluminum
  • Clear Anodized & Sealed Frames
  • Adjustable Shelves

ProII™ Countertops

  • Stainless Steel—.075” thick, solid stainless steel with #4 polished finish.
  • Aluminum—1/8″ thick, solid, military-grade aluminum.
  • Butcher Block—1-3/4″ thick butcher block from Bally Block Co.
  • Integral backsplash and sides on aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Seamless up to 11 feet long.

ProII™ Space Saver Sliding Door Cabinets

Stem Wall Notching

  • Toe Kick Riser™
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Heavy Duty Roller Slides

Optional Accessories

  • LED Lighting

    • LED lights are efficient and economical.
    • LED lights stay cool to the touch.
    • Easy to install beneath overhead cabinets.
    • Made by International Light Technologies.
  • Light Shields

    • Conceals under-cabinet LED lighting.
    • Directs task lighting at the work surface
  • Lift-Up Doors with Gas Spring

    • Keeps door up and out of the way.
    • Gas spring stay for hands-free operation.
  • Power Grid™

    • Convenient electrical, air and USB access.
    • Plugs and air fittings are always in reach but never in the way.
    • Brushed stainless steel finish looks great with any countertop.
    • Easy to install and make external connections.
  • Workbench Mat

    • Protect your countertop, tools and parts.
    • Shock absorbent.
    • Resists oil, grease and many common chemicals.
    • Diamond tread pattern prevents slippage.
  • Thumb Locks for Toolboxes

  • Extreme Drawer Liner™

    • Solid, non-slip, PVC-coated polyester. Not mesh.
    • Prevents tools from sliding around in drawers.
    • Cushion fragile items.
    • Works with all drawers and shelves.
  • Aluminum Drawer Dividers

    • Organize tools, parts and hardware.
    • 6 separators per drawer that can be rearranged for parts of any size.
    • Additional separators can be ordered for even more customization.
    • Available with all drawers.
  • Plastic Drawer Bins

    • Organize small parts and hardware.
    • Bins can be rearranged however you like.
    • Made of high impact polystyrene (HIPS).
    • Assortments are available for small, medium or large parts.
  • Pull-Out Shelves

    • Provides quick, easy access to everything in the cabinet.
    • Great for storing large, bulky items.
    • Shelves slide out on full-extension, ball bearing slides.
    • Easily adjust the height of the shelf in 2-1/4″ increments.
  • Extra Adjustable Shelves

    • Easy to install and adjust the height in 2-1/4” increments.
    • CAD and CNC precision ensure that shelves fit perfectly.
    • Made from military-grade aluminum.
    • One adjustable shelf included with every base cabinet.
  • Built-In Sinks

    • 15″ x15″ x5.5″ Deep Moen Sink #SK5.51515
    • 15″ x15″ x5.5″ Deep Moen Sink w/ faucet #SK5.51515-F
    • 20″ x20″ x10″ Deep Stainless Steel Sink #SK102020
    • 25″ x22″ x8.25″ Deep Stainless Steel Sink #SK8.22225
    • …Or provide your own.
  • Cabinet Backs

  • Cabinet Bottom

  • Locking Trigger Latches

The Perfect Custom Cabinet System to Transform Any Garage & Workshop Space

Whether you need cabinets for your garage, inside your home, or for your shop, the PROII™ Series of cabinets from Moduline Cabinets is the perfect solution. These premium storage cabinets are composed of military-grade aluminum and are the ideal way to organize any space to make the most of it.

The PROII™ Series Gives You the Storage Solutions You Want

The PROII™ series is a versatile option for transforming spaces for maximum efficiency. Our cabinets are customizable to many different combinations, including use in a small area. Use our custom cabinets in garage, workshops, and more to organize your tools, car parts, and other items. To get started, measure your space and call our team of friendly cabinet experts to discuss your ideal layout. We have plenty of storage ideas using our custom cabinets.

High-Quality Storage Cabinet Construction and Durability

Moduline Cabinets offer storage options that provide outstanding durability and strength so that they are perfect for organizing many different types of tools and equipment. Our cabinets are an ideal option for uses ranging from military use to garage and other indoor applications.

You can reach our office here at Moduline Cabinets at (888) 343-4463 to set up a free layout consultation. We look forward to hearing about how we can help you.

ARE You Ready to Get Started?

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