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Prepping Your Garage for the Winter

Prepping Your Garage for the Winter

December 7, 2013

If you are ready to prepare your garage for the winter, including all of the items stored within your garage, Moduline Cabinets can help. Here are some tips for making sure your garage is winter-ready and all of your belongings are safe – no matter how frightful it might get outside!

Install quality garage storage cabinets. Forget the cheap, wooden cabinets – those are suited for the protected area of your actual home. Your garage requires cabinets that are heavy-duty; cabinets that can withstand the changing temperatures and moisture in the air.
Sort all of your belongings into categories, such as tools, holiday décor, clothing, household, etc. Eliminate the things you don’t need anymore. Then, dedicate specific cabinets to each category. This way you will know where everything is located when you need them.
If your garage is not insulated, now is a good time to consider installing some insulation. You do not have to rip out the walls to add insulation. Insulation that is blown into the walls may be a good option.
If at all possible, install some form of reliable heat in your garage. This will not only make it a more comfortable place for you during the winter; it will also help keep your belongings protected from the changing temperatures outside.
Make sure all of the windows are insulated and air-tight for the winter months.

Contact us today at Moduline Cabinets and let us help you get started on your garage preparations by installing quality aluminum cabinets. You can view our photo gallery of garages and see how hundreds of our happy and organized customers have used cabinets to maximize their garage space. Then call toll free and one of our storage experts will be happy to help get you started. 888-343-4463

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