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Moduline Pull-out-shelves make life a little easier

Moduline Pull-out-shelves make life a little easier

July 13, 2012

Our Pull-out-shelves ship completely assembled and are easy to install in Moduline PROII™ base cabinets and closets. With Moduline Pull-out-shelves there is no need for bending and reaching to see what is hiding in the back of your cabinets. Now you can enjoy easy access to stored items from the front to back of your cabinets.

Have vacation gear or sporting goods that you load into your car or truck each time you go away to enjoy your favorite pastime? Store them in your garage storage cabinets equipped with Pull-out-shelves for easy access and make loading and unloading your vehicle a breeze. Pull-out-shelves are also perfect for storing large power tools, sporting goods, gardening and home repair tools, even the kids’ toys. Fully utilize your storage cabinet space and make life a little easier.

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