Aluminum Cabinets

Moduline FIRST STEP cabinet system

Moduline FIRST STEP cabinet system

April 21, 2012

Moduline introduces a cost effective way to add the best aluminum cabinet system to your home, shop or mobile unit. Our new fully modular FIRST STEP system is ready to easily install and help transform your space into the place you’ve always wanted. Right now for a limited time (until June 1, 2012) get our FIRST STEP cabinet system for an economical introductory price of just $2499.00*. These are the same cabinets used by the pros and military. Being truly modular, Moduline cabinets have almost endless configurations and can be added to at any time. These award winning cabinets have been hailed as the ultimate storage cabinets and you can be sure the quality, durability and beauty is second to none. Don’t wait, Organize with Style and order yours today! Moduline cabinets are the ultimate for garages, professional shops, trailers, laundry rooms, kitchens, basements, laboratories, specialty vehicles, containers, showrooms, service vehicles, aircraft hangars and much more!
*Shipping and handling not included.

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