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Make Cabinets Great Again

Make Cabinets Great Again

April 10, 2017

Back some years ago, most everything you bought in the USA was made in the USA. There was pride in America, its products and its workforce. Unfortunately, as time went on, things changed. More and more was outsourced to overseas. Obvious reason being money and more specifically, profit. It was (and still is) cheaper to manufacture things overseas and import them back than make them here to begin with.  The result? Lost jobs and in many cases, lost quality. Well times are changing again and people are realizing that Made in the USA means something again.

As an example, look at automobile manufactures. Much of your Toyota or Honda is actually now made in the USA. Now take storage cabinets. Plenty available on the market and many, if not most are made overseas. Sure they look good but looks can be deceiving. Sure they have great marketing behind them and big money backing them but what are you really getting? Basically, great marketing.

At Moduline, the belief is you should be getting great cabinets. They should be well designed, well put together and backed by a company that believes Made in the USA means you’re getting the best. All Moduline cabinets are made in the USA and all are backed by our lifetime warranty. Everything from the frames to drawer dividers to everything in between are made by us. Our Butcher block tops are also made in the USA by Bally Block. When you want a high quality, high performance cabinet system, choose a Made in the USA cabinet system by Moduline – making cabinets great again.


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