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Green Garage Storage Cabinets

Green Garage Storage Cabinets

August 27, 2011

What does it mean when garage cabinets are green? I’m sure you’ve heard the term (not color) “green” hundreds or thousands of times by now. It certainly has been the buzzword for a few years. But what does it mean when it comes to storage cabinets or tool chests? Does anyone really care? Is green really better? Is it more or less expensive than its non-green counterpart? I can tell you with the utmost confidence that when it comes to garage storage cabinets, it makes a difference and yes, people are really starting to care. Let me explain. Usually garage storage cabinets of any type are typically made from some sort of resin, steel, wood or what I will be focusing on, aluminum. Aluminum is the best choice for your cabinets for many reasons and here are a few. Resin is plastic. Many plastic products are known for leaching chemicals that act like the hormone estrogen. Even the so-called BPA free products have been found to contain estrogenic activity. This EA exposure has been shown to alter the structure of human cells posing potential risks to infants and children. Although it can be recycled, it doesn’t compare to the other materials in terms of strength, durability and aesthetics. Throw in the potential health concerns and to me it’s a no way, no brainer.

Let’s talk wood. Don’t get me wrong; I like wood cabinets& in my kitchen, not my garage or shop. There are many aesthetically pleasing wooden cabinets out there but usually they are on the higher end of the $ scale. You must also keep in mind the environment your tool chests, toolboxes and storage cabinets are in. Most of the time a garage or shop can be subject to many different situations such as moisture, dirt, humidity and large temperature variations. Let’s be honest, wood can rot. It can mildew, it can mold and it can deteriorate. The once beautiful finish will dull with time and will have to be maintained with varnish or lacquer or paint and these products are not normally environmentally friendly. And the big question when it comes to being green … how much deforestation has there been just to make them?
OK, so now we have the two least popular materials out of the way. On to the top competitors, steel and aluminum. Aluminum is a much less expensive option than steel, which is also why it’s a greener option. Aluminum can be recycled over and over without degrading or losing any of its innate characteristics. No waste is key for cost control and environmental protection; and at the same time we are saving energy doing so. Recycled aluminum takes only 5% of the energy necessary to produce virgin aluminum. Aluminum, as a green product, is a better choice than steel because of its long life, structural strength and corrosion resistance. Yes, aluminum is strong and durable even though it’s light in weight. After all, it is the primary building material in commercial aircraft. Another key factor that makes aluminum a better choice, environmentally than steel is the fact that steel has to be galvanized in order to withstand certain conditions. The galvanization process has been linked to environmental hazards worldwide. Also, keep in mind that aluminum does not cause static shock (important when working in a garage with flammables), it does not attract dust (keeping it cleaner and easier to maintain) and is completely hypo-allergenic. As far as the Eco friendly benefits again, Aluminum is one of the earths most abundant recourses which helps in saving money, energy and less landfill space. Moduline Aluminum cabinets help contribute to a LEEDS building certification. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System created by the U.S. Green Building Council. Make the smart choice, make the right choice, make the green choice. Make Moduline Aluminum Cabinets your choice.

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