ProII Rolling Cabinets with QuikDraw®

Don’t move your project to your tool cabinets, move your tools to your project with a stylish rolling tool box from Moduline. Choose from a Mobile Base, Mobile Garage Tool Box or a Mobile Workstation. All our rolling cabinets glide effortlessly around the shop or garage on industrial grade casters. Each drawer is equipped with our QuikDraw® latch system keeping them securely closed while being moved around and because they are aluminum, the weight is lower allowing for easier mobility.

Valance and Trophy Shelf

This aluminum valance and trophy shelf is manufactured in the USA by Moduline Aluminum Cabinets. Neatly store your trophies or prized possessions. Manufactured from premium aluminum with a baked enamel finish to match your cabinets. These shelves and valances are easy to clean and will not rust or deteriorate.

ProII Specialty Cabinets with QuikDraw®

Whether you need to organize all your small parts, file away owner’s manuals, receipts and records or simply toss something into the trash, Moduline offers specific cabinets for all these needs. The lightweight parts bin cabinet helps to neatly organize all your small parts and store neatly under the workbench. The file cabinet helps keep your important documents close by where you need them and a hideaway trash bin cabinet keeps the garage or shop clean and efficient.

ProII Parts Bin Cabinets with QuikDraw®

Don't lose parts or the time it takes to find them with this highly organized parts bin cabinet. This 16" wide cabinet will easily fit beside your other garage storage cabinets and pulls out to give full and easy access to all your valuable parts.

ProII Accessory Cabinets with QuikDraw®

Not all cabinets are storage and tool cabinets. Moduline also offers high quality aluminum desks and file cabinets featuring the QuikDraw® latch system for adding a great looking addition to your shop or office. Custom valances and trophy shelves are a great add-on to showcase your accomplishments too. Need something else that you don’t see? Just ask us.

ProII Closet Cabinets

Ever need more closet space in your home? Moduline closet cabinets are the perfect place to hang some seasonal outside clothing and jackets on the optional pole kit. With their ability to have many shelves, they are also great for storing boxes of larger bulky items, paint cans, power tools and more. Because they are tall, you can also store lawn and garden tools such as rakes, shovels and brooms. Do you have sports equipment you would like to neatly store away? Keep many of these out of sight for a neat and clean garage.

ProII Drawer Cabinets with QuikDraw®

With a variety of drawer configurations and sizes, you’ll have no problem finding a home for all your tools in our tool cabinets. Full extension ball bearing slides with over a 100 lb. weight capacity allows you to store many tools in each drawer. With the QuikDraw® latch system now standard on all aluminum drawers, it’s never been easier to open and close the drawer, even if your hands are full. Moduline drawer cabinets are the best way to store tools with style.

ProII Mobile Workstations with QuikDraw®

"The perfect garage workbench" Tired of walking back and forth to your tool cabinets? Need all your tools handy and a workbench to work on at your job? Do you often need your tools and a workbench where the work is? Bringing the work to your workbench is not necessary now With the Moduline mobile workstation you can bring your workbench to the job. This mobile unit is a part of your garage storage cabinet system and rolls out when it is needed to provide a work surface and tool chest.

Countertops & Counter Braces

Moduline is not just aluminum cabinets; we also make quality countertops that you can rely on for all of your work needs. If you work in your garage or have a shop that you work in on a regular basis, then you deserve more than just a standard old garage workstation. Don't settle for anything less than the best when you have work to get done. Now you can get countertops that will last a lifetime from Moduline. Aluminum counter braces provide a great solution to creating a desk or seated workstation along with your garage storage cabinets.

ProII 3 Drawer & File Cabinets with QuikDraw®

Sometimes you need desk height file cabinets incorporated into your cabinet system and Moduline has them for you. At 30” tall, they’re the right height to create an awesome desk space and keep your important paperwork right where you need it. Complete with two file drawers and a smaller drawer, these file cabinets also feature our QuikDraw® latch system and have a locking option.

ProII Locker Style Closet

The locker style cabinet comes in many sizes. Deeper than our other tall cabinets, they’re great for hanging clothing, storing sporting goods or keeping all your holiday decorations together in one organized place. Available with the optional pole kit and adjustable shelves or adjustable pull-out-shelves, you’ll never be short on storage space. The doors have full length hinges for incredible strength and can be on either side of the single door. You get more storage space for the money so they’re a great value too.

ProII Base Cabinets

Moduline Base Storage Cabinets are a great way to gain extra organized storage space under your garage workbenches. With our integrated top bracing, Moduline aluminum base cabinets are strong enough to secure a vice or any other tool that may require mounting. The optional pull-out-shelves and 4" High Drawer provide easy access for hard to reach items. Add a sink option to your aluminum base cabinets and have a convenient place to clean parts and wash-up after a hard day's work in your garage or shop.

ProII Aluminum Desks with QuikDraw®

Bring the style of your shop into the office with a matching aluminum cabinet desk from Moduline. From our standard desk to our executive model, these desks are sure to impress. The standard model has a cabinet on one side and a file cabinet on the other. The executive model incorporates two file systems, a center drawer, full back and beautiful Butcher Block desk top. Available in all our standard colors.

ProII Large Drawer and File Cabinets with QuikDraw®

A file cabinet in the garage is something most should have. It’s the perfect place to keep documents and receipts pertaining to your automobiles and household items. When we buy tools, garden equipment and car parts, we usually keep the receipts and maintenance records so why not store them neatly and securely where you store the items? Keep them in an aluminum file cabinet built right into your Moduline aluminum garage storage cabinet system. These extra heavy duty drawers are also great for large part and tool storage.

ProII Garage & Shop Components

Whether you choose Moduline for your business or home, you’ll appreciate the design, beauty and durability of our modular storage cabinets. Our aluminum garage cabinets are perfect for the storage of automotive tools and equipment, supplies, fishing gear, yard tools, hobby items and more. You can also keep all your valuable tools organized in a durable aluminum tool chest featuring our exclusive QuikDraw® latch system. Moduline Cabinets will be a welcome and flattering addition to any garage or shop.

ProII Recycle and Waste Bin with QuikDraw® Cabinets

This pull-out Recycle Bin / Waste Cabinet conveniently stores a recycle bin or waste container (included) out of sight underneath the countertop. Included gray heavy-duty plastic container is easy to empty and clean. Modular design allows you to easily separate trash from recycling with two cabinets mounted side-by-side.

ProII Wall & Corner Cabinets

Moduline Wall Cabinets are a great way to gain extra organized storage space above your garage workbenches. Wall Cabinets are available in a range of sizes to fit into your garage design. Cabinets include a fully adjustable shelf system, with optional shelves, to meet your storage needs. Get the most out of your garage space by utilizing every corner with Moduline Garage Corner Cabinets. The design of the cabinets allow you to easily fit a modular corner wall cabinet in areas that otherwise might never be used.

ProII Space Saver™ Sliding Door Cabinets

Limited space? No problem. With the Space Saver™ sliding door garage storage cabinets from Moduline, you can easily store rakes, shovels, brooms and other tools in areas you might not otherwise be able to. The sliding door allows you easy access to these items even when the vehicle is parked in your garage. Heavy duty rollers and felt lined guides are used for smooth operation and you can be sure that these are of the highest Moduline quality standards. Don’t let limited space limit your use of high quality cabinets. Organize your limited space in style!

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Garages come in an infinite amount of shapes and sizes, not to mention people use their space in ways that are unique to their needs. We fully recognize this, which is why we offer our customers a whole host of cabinet options that simplifies the design process of your storage system without compromising your vision. From base cabinets to mobile tool boxes, there is a useful storage option that allows you to create the garage of your dreams.

Regardless of whether you are a homeowner or a professional who needs an organized garage for your business, our cabinet systems are designed for durability and to withstand the realities of real-world use. Manufactured in the USA and constructed from high-grade aluminum, we back our cabinets with a lifetime warranty because we are confident in the quality and craftsmanship of our products. You can have full faith that when you purchase our products, you will be rewarded with a storage solution that will be an integral part of your life for decades to come

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