Moduline Cabinet Catalogs

Moduline Cabinets offers our complete product catalogs for our customers who prefer to browse our products via a physical catalog printed on high quality paper or by viewing a PDF online. We have two catalogs to choose from, with garage & shop cabinets covered by one catalog, and cabinets for trailers & vehicles covered by our other catalog.

Each catalog displays a variety of choices for cabinet colors, countertops, and accessories that our customers can compare to see which options align with their personal tastes and preferences. Our products are portrayed in different real world settings to show off the versatility of our cabinets and inspire your creativity by dreaming of ways our garage and trailer products complement your vision.

If you wish to view our catalogs online, click on one of the links underneath this paragraph and a PDF will open in your web browser. If you prefer a physical copy of our catalog that you can leaf through, please click on one of the two links at the bottom of this section and then fill out the appropriate contact information. Upon receiving your information, we will mail out a catalog to you immediately!


 Garage & Shop Cabinet Catalog (6.6 MB)

 Price list for Garage &Shop Cabinet Catalog (570 KB)

 Trailer & Vehicle Cabinet Catalog (12.2 MB)

 Price list for Trailer & Vehicle Cabinet Catalog (159 KB)

 Aluminum Specialty Cabinets Brochure (8.3 MB

 Aluminum Modular Cabinets Brochure (4.4 MB)

Of course, if you'd rather receive a traditional catalog in the mail, you can always request one below:

Request a Garage & Shop Catalog
Request a Trailer & Vehicle Catalog