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An Easy Way to Maximize your Garage Storage Space

An Easy Way to Maximize your Garage Storage Space

October 20, 2012

To maximize the space within your garage, you need cabinets. Cabinets allow you to utilize space that might otherwise not be used. For instance, installing cabinets allows you to use the upper parts of the walls – those hard-to-reach areas that require you to stand on your tiptoes while balancing on a stepladder – for storing various items. Another easy way to maximize garage storage is with the use of closet cabinets.

Closet cabinets are larger than the average wall or base cabinet. They are ideal for storing larger items, such as shovels, rakes, and weed-eaters. If your garage is geared more towards car repair, closet cabinets are perfect for storing floor jacks, ramps, air compressors, and other large pieces of equipment. Always bringing your sporting gear out to the car? Why not store your gear in a garage closet? The garage is also a great place to hang any out-of-season clothes. The closet cabinets at Moduline Cabinets are available in sizes ranging from 24-inches wide to 32-inches wide. If you have even bigger needs, simply contact us to discuss a custom-built cabinet. Our closet cabinets also feature optional pull-out shelves for ease of access. Choose from a variety of colors or create a custom color to fit your style. Closet cabinets are an easy way to increase storage space without any fuss or muss.

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