Garage Vacuums


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Signature Black

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  • The most compact, yet powerful garage vacuum cleaner available.
  • HEPA type filtration system, not available in any other Garage vacuum cleaner.
  • HEPA filtration vacuum filters to 99.8% of dust and allergens down to .3 microns.
  • Made of high quality polycarbonate/ABS and features a sleek new design.
  • Highest quality available – six year manufacturer’s warranty, available in red, white or black.
  • Stretch hose is quick to connect and 40′ long, yet shrinks down to just 8′ for easy storage.
  • Dust bag holds 8 pounds or 1 gallon, depending on the type of debris.
  • Patented vacuum chamber allows the bag to fill completely without losing suction.
  • Powerful 12 amp, 113 cfm twin fan 5 Peak HP turbo motor and 100″ of water lift, compares with any top quality upright or canister vacuum.
  • Easy installation, requires only four screws to securely mount to garage wall.
  • Flush mount model also available, mounts inside a 2×4 stud wall and needs to be hard wired.
  • Front Panel: 9 9/16″ wide x 29 9/16″ high x 4″ deep.
  • 5′ long, 2 prong, non-grounded cord attached with surface mount model.
  • Surface mount model can be removed from wall and used as a portable vacuum.
  • Also great for use in other places such as hobby shops, utility rooms, RVs, condominiums and boats.
  • Integrated tool caddy provides storage for all tools and hose.
  • Accessories included: 40′ stretch hose, bare floor tool, upholstery brush, crevice tool, dashboard brush, telescoping wand and flexible wand with detachable brush.
  • Front Panel: 9 9/16″ wide x 29 9/16″ high x 4″ deep
  • Stretch hose is 40′ long
  • HEPA type filtration system
  • Made of high quality polycarbonate/ABS
  • Powerful 12 amp, 113 cfm twin fan 5 Peak HP turbo motor
  • Available in Flush Mount or Surface Mount Model


Package of 5 HEPA style replacement dust bags with filter. About one gallon capacity makes this bag last for months