Aluminum Cabinets


Do you provide Design/Layout services?

Yes, consult with us and we will provide layout suggestions and design ideas to fit your specific storage needs. We create detailed CAD drawings so you can see what your cabinet system will look like and ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Can I install Moduline Aluminum Cabinets by myself?

Yes, all Moduline cabinets can be installed with a few simple tools. Precision holes are pre-punched so cabinets easily attach together and to the wall. Moduline cabinets come with instructions.
Select™ SERIES Instant Walls make installation even simpler. Just attach your cabinets to the wall panels with the included hardware and then anchor the entire cabinet system to your wall at a few key points. Instant Walls bear the load while minimizing stud finding or drilling into concrete.

What are the differences between Sportsman II™ SERIES, Select™ SERIES and ProII™ SERIES Cabinets?

All Moduline Cabinets Series’ are engineered with military-grade aluminum construction and precision workmanship. All series’ are also completely modular; they can be arranged in any configuration you can imagine.

PROII™ is our flagship cabinet series. Cabinets are shipped fully-assembled with clear-anodized front frames, trigger latches and the QuikDraw® Single Action Latch System. PROII™ cabinets are available in a variety of standard sizes and can be infinitely customized to accommodate challenging design requirements. Available in Signature Black, Red, Moduline Blue, Yellow, White, Light Gray and Royal Blue.

Select™ SERIES is our mid-line cabinet series and is perfect for homes and home garages. Features include European-style soft-close hinges, lift-up overhead doors with gas springs and color-matched frames. Toolboxes also feature the QuikDraw® Single Action Latch System. Minimal assembly with common tools. Available in Signature Black, Red and Moduline Blue.

SPORTSMAN II™ SERIES Cabinets are designed specifically for mobile environments. Full-length doors and no bottom front frames allow you to easily stow heavy or awkward equipment. Trigger latches and the QuikDraw® Single Action Latch System ensure doors and drawers stay safely closed during transport. Available in Red and White.

Are Moduline Aluminum Cabinets designed to be used only in trailers?

No, although the original line of Moduline cabinets were designed specifically for race trailers, today Moduline makes cabinets for a wide range of applications, including garages, shops, trailers, vehicles and more. Moduline cabinets are durable enough to stand up to professional use, and look great doing it. They’re constructed with precision hardware and military-grade aluminum to provide maximum strength. Unlike wood or steel, aluminum cabinets are highly resistant to moisture and corrosion. They’re lightweight—but not light duty!—and with no welds to crack Moduline cabinets are perfectly suited to withstand the vibration of a mobile environment.

What makes Moduline ProII™ SERIES Cabinets so heavy duty?

Moduline PROII™ Aluminum Cabinets are made with military-grade, heavy-gauge aluminum for maximum durability and wear resistance. The cabinets have full frames with heavy-duty internal gussets. Our doors are double walled with internal bracing and full-length piano hinge for extra rigidity. Countertops are solid metal with no need for a particleboard substrate and have a built-in backsplash; available in 1/8” thick aluminum and 14 ga stainless steel with a #4 polished finish.

How quickly will my cabinets be shipped?

Select™ SERIES and Sportsman II™ SERIES cabinets are shipped from stock, typically within one week, inventory permitting. PROII™ cabinets are made to order, so lead times will vary. Please call for current lead time on PROII™ Cabinets. Custom built cabinets typically ship in three to four weeks.

How are Moduline Aluminum Cabinets Shipped?

Moduline cabinets ship by freight truck (LTL), though some cabinets and accessories may ship via UPS or FedEx. Each skid is custom made to fit your order. Cabinets are wrapped in vinyl and additional care goes into protecting the cabinets from damage during shipping.

Is it possible to have custom cabinets designed?

Moduline Aluminum Cabinets are modular so they can be arranged in any configuration and come in a variety standard sizes. While most customers’ needs are met with our standard cabinet components, we can design custom PROII™ SERIES cabinets to meet challenging design requirements.

SPORTSMAN II™ SERIES and Select™ SERIES cabinets are not eligible for customization.

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