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Click for larger view of black aluminum storage cabinets in condominium

Click to view v-nose trailer with storage cabinets

Click for larger view of aLuminum trailer storage cabinets

Click for larger view of race car trailer with aluminum storage cabinets

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Click for larger view of premere garage with black aluminum storage cabinets

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Customer Testimonials
Moduline Aluminum Cabinets in ESPN truck Mike/Tim-
First off, I'd like to thank you both for expediting our order a couple weeks ago. The cabinets arrived, got installed and are now working the ESPN Monday Night Baseball circuit for the next 6 months. The craftsmanship was first rate and fit the TV truck perfectly!
Moduline Aluminum Cabinets in office trailer Here are a couple of pictures of our completed office trailer. The cabinets turned out wonderful. They really bring it all together and catch the eye of everyone who walks in. They made the trailer look just as good on the inside as it does from out. We took it down to our corporate office a couple of weeks ago and they were more than impressed. Thanks for everything and we look forward to working with you and your team in the future.
-Jordan L.
Moduline Aluminum Cabinets in Minesota Garage I simply could not provide a more ringing endorsement for Moduline and their entire staff. Starting with my initial phone inquiries, through a very comprehensive and seamless design process, to a timely and very well orchestrated shipping experience, the service I received was A-1, top-of-the-line, best-in-class all the way. But most important of all was the patient and totally knowledgeable help I had with the installation process. I must have talked to Mike Dolan at least a dozen times with questions both large and small while I was assembling my cabinets and work benches. It was fun and easy--but only because help was always just a phone call away. I could not have had a better, less stressful experience--and I am not a very mechanical person. Thanks to everyone at Moduline for the best products and assistance money can buy. You truly are the best! -Paul G.
Click for larger view of Moduline Aluminum Cabinets in Dad's Garage I recently purchased your Moduline cabinets in the Spring and absolutely love the quality of your product.
-Gregg D.
Click for larger view of Moduline aluminum cabinets

Just a rough photo of the finished shop.  LOOK AT ME !!!!!!!!
Very Happy.
Moduline is a class act.

Trailer with Moduline aluminum cabinets Hey Mike, just wanted to thank you very much for doing a great job on the logistics and design of the trailers. Man, they didn't even get out of the delivery compound, when people were wow'ing over these jewels! They were even calling other staff members to take a look at the trailers, so hopefully we can refer you to the other folks out here. The cabinets look to be high quality, so that's good for the long haul. Again, thanks for your great work, and thanks to the people that got the trailer to you guys so fast.
-Best Regards; Kevin
Click for larger view of black aluminum garage cabinets Hi Paul, Thanks for all your help. My garage came out GREAT !!! Please feel free to use the photos for any purpose.
-M. Gerts.
Click for larger view of black aluminum garage cabinets Well, here are a few pics of the garage and my Moduline cabinets.  They turned out exactly as anticipated and planned!  The first thing everyone comments on are the cabinets --- not the car.  We still have a ways to go with decorating, and not to mention a few more muscle cars.
Again, THANKS for all your help with my cabinets-----they’re awesome.
Click for larger view of white aluminum cabinets inside specialty vehicle We are on the final stretch of our trailer and thought I would send you some shots with your cabinets. They have been a huge hit with everyone. Thankyou for your time and assistance with this project. The cabinets were by far the most trouble-free. If all goes well, we should have all sorts of uses for them in the future.
-E. Dupuy
Click for larger view of black Moduline aluminum cabinets in one of the most Amazing Garages Hi… I just wanted you to know how much I’m enjoying my Moduline cabinets I had installed last year in my custom garage for my collection.  They were a perfect match for the “look” I wanted.  The winter issue of “Corvette Quarterly Magazine”  is going to feature my garage and collection.  No doubt, your cabinets will be visible in some of the shots.
-M. Brown
Click for larger view of white aluminum garage cabinets The cabinets are installed and they are absolutely gorgeous.  Very nice.  Thanks.  Again, these cabinets are really top shelf.  We are very happy with them.
-F. Burr
Click for larger view of black aluminum cabinets and countertop inside specialty vehicle I wanted to send you a link to our webpage which has a short pictorial presentation of our mobile lab which also includes our often admired Moduline cabinets. We are complimented constantly on the cabinets.
Click for larger view of black aluminum garage cabinets Finally got around to installing the cabinets. As expected everything fit together very well and they look great. Attached are some pics of the cabinet install and the shop that they were installed in. Thanks for all your help and professionalism, great service!
-Cheers, Kurt
Click for larger view of black aluminum garage cabinets I wanted to send you a few photos of my Moduline installation...I'm glad I went with Moduline, the quality, fit and finish is outstanding. Thanks again for your service and help in choosing my cabinets. Looking forward to ordering more as my needs grow.
-S. Danik
Click for larger view of aluminum tool cabinet Paul- The tool cabinet is here and in great shape. I can't wait for Bruce to see it. I cannot express my thanks for what you guy's have done. The cabinet looks AWESOME!!! Please share this with all of your folks who worked hard to make this possible by this date. I will certainly be recognizing Moduline within our ranks here and the super job you have done. Looking forward to our sales group seeing it in February and kicking off the production. Thanks a Million!!!! Lanny
Click for larger view of black aluminum garage storage cabinets I bought my cabinets from Moduline. The sales people are very knowledgable and experts in optimizing use of available storage space. My Garage had an issue with one bay that is not as deep as the other. The sales staff at Moduline suggested using folding work stations below extra tall wall cabinets. This was an awesome solution providing me with space to pull a long vehicle in my garage and still have a full work bench when I need one. Thanks Moduline! -Paul
Red aluminum storage cabinets When I first received the cabinets to be installed in the food truck that I just completed building for our local food mission for feeding the needy and the homeless, I was impressed with the design and quality. But not half as impressed as I was after the cabinets were installed and I saw how good looking and strong they are in the truck!  My customer liked them so much that she had me order another one to be installed in the back corner of the truck. I have attached a photo of the interior of the truck. Feel free to use it in any way you wish and keep up the good work! -Regards, Clinton S.
Click for larger view of blue aluminum trailer storage cabinets I just finished a tradeshow displaying our equipment in the trailer we built that has your cabinets installed. I think we got just as many compliments on your cabinets as we did our equipment. Any how one of my customers took the brochure you sent me. Is it possible for you to send me a few catalogs to hand out when we do these shows and one for myself. Any questions feel free to contact me. -Regards , Chris A.
Click for larger view of blue garage storage cabinets Success!!! Thx for your design prowess The floor was a bit more sloped than I predicted - but with the help of a Carpenter, (OK - he did it all) - we succeeded. Very impressive product and outstanding SERVICE - FROM YOU! Best regards jmills
I compared cabinets from many other companies and the Moduline cabinets are by far the highest quality that I have ever seen. The drawer glides, latches and hinges are all first class. Being that these cabinets are made out of aluminum they were extremely light and easy to install. Even thought they do not weigh much they are heavier duty than the steel cabinets that I looked at.
Tim at Moduline helped me lay out the best design for the space that I had to work with. He is very knowledgeable of the product and he wanted to be sure that the final layout was perfect for my needs. He did an excellent job.
These are not the cheapest cabinets that you can buy, but they for sure the best. I am extremely happy with the cabinets and the service that Moduline provided.
I wanted to take a moment to write to you about my experience with Paul Quigley. I am ordering a small set of cabinets for my garage, and I am definitely a novice in this area. Paul's help and guidance through this process was invaluable, and he was as patient as he was thorough. In today's world where customer service often seems to be an unknown commodity, your employee, "Quig," is exactly the opposite. He is the definition of customer service. I have already told several people about your company, and the joy it was to work with you. I will continue to let people know what a great place it is, and the credit for this goes to Paul. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and congratulations on having someone like Paul Quigley in your employ.
-M. Shea
I just received my cabinet order, and I must say am pleasantly surprised, the delivery time was very fast, but the real treat was when I got them unwrapped.  The fit and finish is outstanding, went up with ease, and very sturdy.  The Folding work bench is great, easy to operate, nice positive locking in closed position, and folds out of the way when loading the car.  The staff I dealt with when ordering was very courteous, and helped me thru the process.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.  I will recommend your company to all my friends.  Thanks again.
-A. Mears
Just a sneak peek of where we are headed & I really appreciate all your assistance the last couple of weeks.  Working with you has made it possible for me to better visualize our final project and also answer some important questions. 
For looks, durability, ease of installation and functionality not to mention customer follow-up after the sale, these are the cabinets and are everything we could have wanted in our garage renovation.

Again, I’d like to thank you and all your team for a wonderful product and a very pleasant experience in purchasing, delivering, and picking up all of the items.  My visualization of what my garage is supposed to look like is finally becoming a reality.
-T. Loehner

Just a word that I’m very happy with the product, and will probably order my other system this summer.  Thanks.
-G. Nadeau
Thank you for helping us take this business to a new level!
-T. DeAvila
Just wanted to drop you a note letting you know we received the cabinets on Friday.  I have to say, I’m really impressed!  Your company did a first rate job of packaging them up, so they came without a single ding!  Very impressive workmanship on all the pieces!  I’ll get you some pics as soon as we start the project and keep you posted.  Thanks again for all of your support and I’ll talk to you soon.
-G. Painter
Quig, you are a jewel.  Thank you so much for your prompt reply!  We will be in touch with sink dimensions for the cuts and the order.  Again, it is refreshing to encounter such a professional.  In this day and age it has become quite rare.  Have a great weekend.
G. Worthington
You have the largest combinations of cabinets I've ever seen in one catalog or website. The pictures are impressive and give a person ideas for there own garage. Lets face it, garages come in all sizes and shapes.
I must say your products are exactly as you described them and would be a super organizer for any home.
-Ron Cardi
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