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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I add more Moduline Cabinets later?

Absolutely, the Moduline Pro Cabinets are completely modular and easily expandable.

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Can I install Moduline Aluminum Cabinets by myself?

Yes, installation is easily achieved with a few simple tools. Integrated precision pre-punched holes make Moduline cabinets the easiest to install.

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How are Moduline Cabinets mounted to trailer walls?

Moduline Trailer Cabinets are shipped with self-tapping screws for easy mounting to trailer walls.

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What is the difference between Sportsman-Series and Pro Cabinets?

Both cabinet series are designed with the same high quality aluminum construction and precision workmanship.

The Sportsman-Series Cabinets are economically priced and designed more for the cost conscious sportsman racer. Many are adjustable to fit your exact width requirements and fit around the top front radius in many trailers. Sportsman-Series Cabinets have a white baked enamel finish and require some assembly.

Pro Cabinets are modular and ship fully assembled with clear anodized front frames. Standard Pro Cabinet colors are red, white, blue, black and light gray. Custom designs and colors are available on request.

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Are Moduline Cabinets designed for use in trailers only?

No, Moduline makes Garage Cabinets and Trailer Cabinets. Moduline aluminum storage cabinets are very durable and good-looking. Unlike wood and other compositions, Aluminum Moduline Cabinets are highly resistant to moisture and corrosion. Unlike steel, Moduline Aluminum Cabinets will not rust or deteriorate when exposed to moisture. Precision hardware construction and unique design provide the greatest strength available. Aluminum cabinets are hypoallergenic and constructed from materials that minimize the possibility of allergic response. With no welds to crack Moduline Aluminum Storage Cabinets withstand severe vibration in a mobile environment and will stand strong over years of use in garage, shop and industrial environments.

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How are Moduline Aluminum Cabinets constructed?

Moduline Aluminum Cabinets use precision hardware construction for greatest strength. Doors are double wall construction, with inner-hat-bracing for great strength and rigidity. We use premium lightweight aluminum for all cabinets. Countertops include splash guards and are available in 1/8" thick aluminum or .075" thick stainless steel with #4 polished finish.

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What is the normal delivery for Moduline Cabinets?

The Sportsman-Series is available for shipment from stock. Pro Cabinet combination deliveries vary. Please call for current lead time on Pro Cabinets. Custom built cabinets typically ship in three to four weeks. 

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Are custom orders available?

Yes, while most customer requirements are met with standard components, we do design and manufacture custom orders as needed.  Moduline Cabinets are modular, expandable and available in many standard sizes.  Custom colors are also available.

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